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Top training plus a commitment to excellence

Evolution slickline operators are highly qualified, trained, and local, with up-to-date well control school certification and Safe Land training. Operator training plus operator experience enables them to quickly and effectively respond to changing or unexpected real-time situations in the well.

Our clients trust our experience to determine the correct slickline for the job, whether standard equipment or any specialty application, including placement and retrieval of wellbore hardware, adjustment of downhole valves and sleeves, tubing repair within the wellbore, removal of production-blocking debris, and various other specific downhole maintenance and repair tasks.

We work with the following slickline sizes:

  • .108” for 1000 pounds working (specialty application)

  • .125” for 1600 pounds working (standard size)

  • .140” for 2200 pounds working (specialty application)

  • .160″ for 3000 pounds working (specialty application)

NOTE: Number of pounds represent the safe working limits for each size line. Evolution Completions is a SAFETY FIRST company.



Because we are not tied to one product line, we can offer an array of the most cost-effective and efficient products and equipment for any specific applications and needs.

  • PX prong and plug with interference lock and locking prongs

  • Downhole memory and pressure gauges

  • Mechanical and hydraulic tubing punches

  • Fishing Tools

  • Retrieval and installation of gas lift valves

                        Talk to us today about your optimal slickline solutions.

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