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Motorized Free Point Tool

Motorized Free Point Tool accurately determines the stuck point in pipe, tubing or a casing string. Its real- time data allows the operator to make rapid, informed decisions regarding the next steps for recovering a stuck downhole assembly.

The Hall sensor picks up movements in the assembly associated with tension, compression or torque measurements and converts that to an AC signal. This signal is then processed at the surface by the Free Point Panel for display and recording for permanent records.

  • 375°F operation

  • Tension, compression and torque measurements

  • Built in casing collar locator (CCL)

  • Solid-state electronic motor control

  • Full open/close sensors

  • Seven anchor sizes available for most applications

  • Temperature stable Hall sensor

  • Compatible with SDS Warrior acquisition system*


Motorized Free Point Tool
Download PDF • 209KB

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