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Mechanical Cast Iron

• Special designed Bow Springs provide positive control and allow each size

• Mechanical Setting Tools to cover a large casing weight range

• The Upper slips are held in a safe retracted position while running

• Allows users to set, pressure test tubing, and squeeze in a single trip

• Can quickly be configured to set MMB Bridge Plugs

• These tools can be used to run a number of competitive brand Baker-style cement retainers


Mechanical Setting Tools are used to mechanically set Sleeve-Valve Cement Retainers. This tool incorporates both a stinger seal and mechanical setting function. In addition, it has a built-in snap-latch, allowing the tool to be latched into the cement retainer with set-down weight and released with either straight pull or right-hand rotation. The sleeve-valve on the cement retainer is in the open position while being run in the well. When the setting procedure is completed, the sleeve-valve may be closed by picking up two inches at the tools or opened by slacking off two inches.

The snap-latch feature allows the sleeve- valve to be shifted open or closed while the tubing is still anchored to the retainer. Another feature of the tool is the option to run the sleeve-valve either open or closed. Normally the valve is run open so the tubing may fill. However, for pressure testing the tubing, while running, the valve can be run closed. Cement Retainers can be set and pressure tested in a single trip.

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