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• Multistage Frac Completions

• All composite construction and 85% less material speeds mill outs and reduces debris

• Innovative seal design removes difficult to mill rubber element aiding in mill times

• Single slip set eliminates 50% of the hardened material needed on a traditional plug

• Industry leading ID significantly reduces material


• 85% Less Material

• 70% Less Mill Time

The RzrFRAC Composite Frac Plug utilizes a patent-pending design to provide a 10,000 psi frac plug with 85% less material than a traditional plug. The result is competent frac isolation that drastically reduces the amount of debris to remove from the well after the frac operation. In a typical 35 zone completion utilizing the RzrFRAC Plug could eliminate up to 55 gallons or 600 lbs of debris.

The fully composite structure combined with small ceramic buttons for the anchor provide mill times that are up to 70% faster than traditional plugs and break into small pieces. With less material to remove there is less wear on the milling BHA, enabling more plugs to be removed with a single run. Making it Better Using the Rubicon RzrFRAC Composite Frac Plug will enable your completion to reach greater lateral lengths and stage count by significantly reducing the amount of material left to be milled away after the completion.

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