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Single Disk Assembly

• Economical alternative to profile nipple with a plug

• Eliminates plug & prong removal runs

• Used for snubbing applications in live wells*

• Full bore opening to tubing I.D. after disk is removed

• Gas bubble rated available

• Maximum surge potential of formation after perforating

• Available with premium threads and materials

• Can be run in hostile environments (H2S and CO2)

• 400°F(204°C)rated

• Can be run in heavy mud environment

• Little to no interfering debris left in the wellbore

• Can be pressure tested prior to installation

• Reusable, with redressing kit

The Single Disk is used to create an underbalance condition between the reservoir and production BHA. The Disk sub is run on the bottom of the tubing and/or below a production packer BHA. After the production packer is set, the wellbore reservoir is isolated from the upper wellbore. Prior to latching into the production packer with the upper production BHA, a lighter fluid is circulated down the production BHA to create the underbalance.

Although the most common removal method of the Single Disk is applying 1,000psi (6.9MPa) overbalance pressure, a Go-Devil Drop Bar, coiled tubing, slickline, or sand line can also be used to remove the disk to achieve the underbalance surge. Once the disk is removed, the wellbore fluids can then be produced up the production tubing.

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