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Techtac Anchor

• Top and bottom flow subs to reduce flow turbulence

• Option to set in or below perforations

• Fits inside a mill shoe

• Dramatically reduced cut over time

• Overall reduced diameter from standard TAC

• Increased flow through annulus

• Reduced area from debris collection

• Reduced gas locking

Compared to a standard tubing anchor catcher, the patent-protected Slimline TAC provides numerous benefits to help optimize the performance of a well. A standard size tubing anchor catcher, being closer to the ID of the casing, restricts both the flow of gas and the flow of fluid trying to get by the TAC. It effectively works as a choke.

The smaller diameter of the Tech Tac Slimline TAC increases flow-by capacity, which provides greater area for improved flow from the well, essentially allowing the well to “breathe” easier and operate more efficiently. The reduced diameter also allows the anchor to be set in or below the perforations, anchoring the entire tubing string. With the tapered flow deflectors on the top and bottom of the tool, solids are directed out and around the anchor instead of accumulating on top of it.

Not only does the Slimline design significantly reduce the chances of the TAC getting stuck in a well, it also allows the anchor to be cut-over in dramatically less time compared to a standard TAC. Due to the smaller diameter, only the slip protectors and slips need to be cut over. The rest of the tool fits inside a mill shoe or cut-over tool.

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