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• NEW fully composite design

• Answers the industry need for composite slips

• Anti-preset design

• No tungsten carbide buttons or aluminum

• Composite material aids in fast drill-outs and time saved

• Can be deployed on wireline, coiled tubing, tubing, or drill pipe

• Designed for horizontal or vertical wells

• Setting is done via a universal setting sleeve and adapter

• Positive lock-up feature to ensure lock-up of multiple plugs in a single wellbore

• Patented technology


Every operator needs to have an “ACE” in the hole. The ACE™ (All Composite Edition) is a fully composite frac plug designed for multistage frac operations where efficiency is key. The plug’s all composite design eliminates milling through metals post frac and drastically improves mill times and bit integrity.

The ACE uses the same proven sealing system as other plugs in the product line and is quickly and easily milled and circulated back to surface using conventional milling, drilling with a rig and tubing, or with coiled tubing. After setting, the ACE remains open for fluid flow and allows wireline operations to continue until the ball drop isolation procedure has started. Once the surface dropped ball is pumped down and seated into the inner funnel top of the tool, the operator can pressure up against the plug to achieve isolation. The ACE can be deployed in both vertical and horizontal operations.


Download PDF • 240KB

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