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The PurpleSeal PS-3 All-Composite Frac Plug

• Upper slip is composite body with ceramic buttons

• Lower slip is composite body with powdered-metal buttons

• Plug contains less than 1% metal by volume; drill-out time is 10 minutes or less

• Anti-preset features in both the plug and wireline adapter kit prevent premature setting

• Proven seal-element back-up system ensures superior sealing capability

• Can be deployed on Baker 10, Baker 20, Owen Compact, and Halliburton Shorty setting tools

• Drill-out work string can be conventional or coiled tubing

• Optional pump-down wiper is included with every plug

• Overall plug length is 16 in. or less

Premium design and high performance at a great price.

The PurpleSeal PS-3 is an all-composite frac plug with ceramic buttons in the upper slip and powdered-metal buttons in the lower slip. The plug delivers superior holding strength at temperatures up to 250° F. The cone-and-castellation design deploys the slips evenly and concentrically throughout the setting process. Proprietary high- strength composite materials provide dependability and durability during fracturing. Low metallic content—less than 1%—produces consistent drill-out times. The plug can be run with the ball in place—saving valuable water—or the ball can be pumped down after the plug is set.

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