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WLTC Retrievable BP

The WLTC Retrievable Bridge Plug is designed to perform all tasks normally required of a tubing run packer-type bridge plug and can be quickly converted to run and set on wireline. The WLTC Plug can be run and set on wireline in a way that allows the tool to be re-set with tubing in a different location before removing it from the well. It is designed to be rugged and compact (the 4 1/2″ size is only 63 inches long). When run on tubing, the WLTC can be set deep or shallow because the packing element system can be energized with compression or tension. This bridge plug will withstand high differential pressures from above or below, while its internal bypass valve is easily opened to equalize fully prior to release.

Activated slips are always on the low-pressure side with the WLTC design to ensure that a tight pack-off is maintained. When run on tubing, a circulation passage through the tool reduces the need for swabbing by allowing fluid to bypass internally. When set, another passage allows effective washing of sand and debris above the elements and ensures easy release and retrieval. Standard equipment on the WLTC Retrievable Bridge Plug includes tungsten carbide-tipped slips and drag blocks, which are long-lasting and allow for easy setting in the hardest casings. A Spring-Loaded Overshot is used to run (tubing set) and retrieve (tubing or wireline set) the WLTC Bridge Plug. Sealer ball catcher assemblies are also available for mechanical and wireline settings.

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